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3 Juices That Make You Feel Slimmer

Juicing is one of the new ways of sha pandora bracelets ping up in no time. Juicing simply pandora bracelets means that you ought to blend your favourite fruits and veggies in the juicer and consume the extracts for a healthy body. It aids in fighting fat by flushing out toxins from your system and replenishing it with the required nutrients. Drink this freshly prepared filling juice in the morning to control your cravings during the day. Put all the above mentioned ingredients in the mixer and juice them. Avoid adding sugar to this nutritious concoction. Ginger and cabbage are great waistline busters so don get affected by their taste. Plus, pandora bracelets if you have a powerful juicer, you won get the lumps in your mouth. So go for the food grade material juicers that come with the cutting edge technology. Each day there is a new diet plan be pandora bracelets ing popularized by a celebrity or a yoga guru to encash on the fad of having a svelte and hot figure. Also, the media keeps bombarding us with plethora of slimming treatments and exercise regimens throughout the day.

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3 judicial candidates offer grab bag of styles for New Orleans Criminal Court bench

Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeThe three way race for a seat on the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court bench pandora bracelets shapes up as a clash of styles and courtroom experience. Voters will decide among Donald Sauviac Jr., a Republican, and Democrats Glen Woods and Franz Zibilich in a special election Oct. 22 to fill the Section L seat that longtime Judge Terry Alarcon is vacating.View full sizeDonald Sauviac Jr., left; Glen Woods, center; and Franz ZibilichAll three candidates are criminal defense attorneys and native New Orleanians. And that’s where the similarities end.Sauviac eschews candidate forums and hasn’t stirred up much by way of cash or political endorsements, saying he prefers to reach people on the streets, in churches and social settings.He was a public defender in Orleans Parish from 1997 until he was laid off in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and he also built a private practice billing himself as “The King of Mardi Gras Criminal Defense.” Sauviac specialized in springing the criminally festive: the drunk, lewd backwash of Carnival season and beyond.You can still reach him at 1 800 NOTGUILTY, but he’s toned down his marketing and turned his attention to contract public defense work and a push for elected office. Sauviac, 48, lost bids for the Section A seat in 2007 and in 2008 for magistrate judge.Candidate bios (click to enlarge)He says he wants to get back to how things ran at the criminal courthouse before the storm, when the docket was leaner and, Sauviac says, better organized. He said he aims to reach a “zero docket,” with no active cases.”You haven’t heard that mentioned there in a dozen years,” he said. “It’s the Katrina excuses: We can’t find the evidence, we don’t know where the witnesses are. The court needs to be rewired.”Sauviac favors a system similar to other parishes, where judges know wh pandora bracelets ich trials are set to go and prospective jurors can call in to see whether they’re ne pandora bracelets eded, rather than linger in the courthouse.”Triage and logistics,” he said. “Why do we have to wait for the morning of trial to figure out which case is going?”Sauviac, who describes himself as “on the very liberal side of Republican,” said he also would tackle the impact of mental illness on the justice system.Woods, on the other hand, has been critical of District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro for openly challenging the 12 Criminal District Court judges to work harder, in some cases through public shame over their trial volume or attendance record on the bench.A former prosecutor under Harry Connick, Woods, 56, calls it “unfair to use the bully pulpit when they’re taking (so many) of these cases,” referring to a sharp rise in felony prosecutions under Cannizzaro.Woods sees the conflict between the DA and judges as a major obstacle to swift justice and public trust in the system.Before leaving the DA’s office in 2001 after 16 years to join a civil practice he shifted to criminal defense a year ago Woods had risen to special prosecutor under Connick, working murder, corruption and other major felony cases.Among his highest profile cases, Woods helped send rookie police officer Antoinette Frank and Rogers LaCaze to death row for an infamous 1995 triple murder at the Kim Anh restaurant in eastern New Orleans.Instead of a slate of endorsements, Woods, who is making his first run at pandora bracelets public office, recently waved a clutch of awards he has won, from Connick and a crime victims advocacy group.”They say they practiced down there. I used to live down there every day,” Woods said of his experience in the criminal courthouse. “I’m not saying I’m better. I’m saying I’m the most qualified.”

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3 journalists slain in Mexico’s Veracruz state

MEXICO CITY photojournalists who covered the perilous crime beat in the violence torn eastern Mexico state of Veracruz were found slain and dumped in plastic bags in a canal on Thursday, less than a week after a reporter for an investigative newsmagazine was beaten and strangled in her home in the same state, officials, colleagues and said.

Press freedom groups said all three photographers had temporarily fled the state after receiving threats last year. The organizations called for immediate government action to halt a wave of attacks that has killed at least seven current and former reporters and photographers in Veracruz over the last 18 months.

Like most of the slain, the men found Thursday had been among the few journalists left working on crime related stories in the state. Threats and killings have spawned an atmosphere of terror and self censorship among the journalists of Veracruz, with most local media outlets too intimidated to report on drug related violence, and social media and blogs the only outlets reporting on serious crime.

Mexico has become one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists in recent years, disproportionately targeted as a militarized government offensive against drug cartels and rivalry between criminal groups fuel tens of thousands of killings, kidnappings and extortion.

Prosecutions in journalist killings are all but unknown, as is the case with almost all homicides and other serious crimes in Mexico.

The latest killings came in Boca del Rio, a town near the port city of Veracruz where police found the bodies of four people Thursday after passers by spotted four suspicious black plastic bags in a was pandora bracelets tewater canal, the Veracruz state Attorney General’s Office said. The bodies, pulled from the canal by police boats, bore signs of torture and had been dismembered, the prosecutor’s office said. According to a fellow journalist, who insisted on speaking anonymously out of fear, Luna was in his 20s and had begun his career working for the local newspaper Notiver.

The journalist said Luna was the nephew of victim Gabriel Huge, who was in his early 30s and worked as a photojournalist for Notiver until last summer, when he fled the state soon after two of the paper’s reporters were slain in still unsolved killings.

Huge had returned to the state to work as a reporter, but it was not immediately clear what kind of stories he had been covering most recently.

State officials said the third victim was Esteban Rodriguez, who was a photographer for the local newspaper AZ until last summer, when he too quit and fled the state. He later returned, but took up work as a welder. The London based press freedom group Article 19 said he, like the other two, had been a crime photographer.

The fourth victim was Luna’s girlfriend, Irasema Becerra, state prosecutors said.

Article 19 said in a report last year that Luna, Varela and Rodriguez were among 13 Veracruz journalists who had fled their homes because of crime related threats and official unwillingness to protect them or investigate the danger. The Committee to Protect Journalists said in 2008 that Huge had been detained and beaten by federal police as he tried to cover a fatal auto accident involving officers.

Veracruz is a common route for drugs and migrants coming from the south on the way up to the United States and much of th pandora bracelets e area around its main port city on the Gulf of Mexico turned in recent years into a battleground between the Zetas and New Generation, a cartel based in the western state of Jalisco and allied with the powerful Sinaloa cartel, which is led by kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The Zetas are known for their ruthless targeting of anyone perceived as an opponent, and for their deep infiltration of local law enforcement in many Mexican states.

In June 2011, Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco, a columnist and editorial director for Notiver, was shot to death in Veracruz along with his wife and one of his children. Lopez had worked for the weeklies Horizonte and Noticias de Acayucan and for the daily newspaper La Verdad and disappeared three months earlier.

That July, Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz, a police reporter for Notiver, was found with her throat cut in the state.

Lopez was found after a suspect in another case confessed to killing him, but the other two murders have not been resolved.

The cartel war in Veracruz reached a bloody peak in September when 35 bodies were dumped on a main highway in rush hour traffic. Local law enforcement in the state of Veracruz was considered so corrupt and infiltrated by the Zetas and other criminal gangs that the Mexican federal government fired 800 officers and 300 administrative personnel in the city of Veracruz Boca del Rio in December and sent in about 800 marines to patrol.

Mike O’Connor, the Committee to Protect Journalists’ representative for Mexico, said journalists in Veracruz had exercised an unusual degree of se pandora bracelets lf censorship even before Ordaz and Lopez were killed, avoiding much coverage of crime and corruption in order to avoid upsetting the Zetas.

“Important news was not covered because it might upset the Zetas. Then these guys were killed and self censorship cracked down even more,” O’Connor said. “Almost all of the police beat reporters left town after those killings.”

Regina Martinez, a correspondent for the national magazine Proceso, continued to cover crime related stories along with a handful of other journalists, however. They found the reporter dead in her bathtub with signs she had been beaten and strangled.

Veracruznews director Martin Lara said Luna covered crime news for the Internet news agency and described the victim as a peaceful young man and “a good guy.”

Lara said that last year Luna was frightened so badly that he left the state pandora bracelets and stopped working for Veracruznews for two months.

“He got a threat and he had to go,” Lara said.

Lara declined to provide details. He said Luna was last seen Wednesday afternoon.

“Self censorship was extraordinarily strong but whoever killed these journalists wanted more,” O’Connor said. “It still wasn’t enough to satisfy whoever killed these journalists.”