pandora bracelets 3 Free Wedding Favors and Idea

3 Free Wedding Favors and Ideas

Free wedding favors are a great way to save a ton of money at your wedding. If you are throwing a wedding on a budget or simply spent it all on the dress, then you will like these ideas for free wedding favors! Tip: Plan ahead for these free wedding favors. They may be budget friendly, but they can take a little investment of time.

Free Wedding Favors and Ideas 1: Coffee

Some of these wedding favors are inspired by all the free stuff and small samples you get at hotels. I have had to stay in a hotel once for an extended period. I ended up with tons of small bags of coffee.

Fortunately this way since coffee from a well known coffee maker. Products like this make awesome part favors and wedding favors. You will want to look for coffee bags that do not have the hotel name on them. If they do, then try repackaging them.

You can simply pour the coffee into small sealable bags. Now, make labels form recycled paper grocery bags with your printer. The can be wrappe pandora bracelets d around the bags of coffee and sealed pandora bracelets with double sided tape.

Free Wedding Favors and Ideas 2: Shampoos

Shampoos and lotions are another one of those items than build up when you stay at a hotel for an extend period or frequently. In the past few years the shampoo and lotions have gotten a little higher end and can often be sponsored by a more high end company as advertisement.

Simply peel the labels off of the good lotions and shampoos. Toss the cheap stuff that will dry skin out. Print labels on the computer using nice pre made labels from the office store. Did the label back onto the small bottles and you have a fun, nice, and s pandora bracelets mall wedding favor.

Lotion is my favorite for this one. I once stayed pandora bracelets at a hotel with the nicest green tea lotion! It would have made perfect free wedding favors.

Free Wedding Favors and Ideas 3: Chocolates

Finally, at the local chocolate shop near me (Hershey’s and Ghiradelli’s) you get free samples of chocolate every time you walk in the door. If you live in a town with either of these shops, then why not make it part of your daily routine to stop in.

Of course you will need to resist eating one everyday yourself or you may not fit into that wedding dress!

Set up a walking routine that includes a stop by here. You can get your exercise in and will feel to guilty to start popping chocolate in your mouth!

You can bag these small chocolate wedding favors or simply set them out at he exit door of your wedding reception! They can also be melted in candy molds to make new shapes.