pandora bracelets 3 from Farmington charged with

3 from Farmington charged with importing heroin

WILTON, Maine Three Farmington residents are facing charges of importing and possessing heroin after police stopped their vehicle Friday night and found 45 bags of the drug inside.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency supervisor Gerry Baril identified the driver as Chelsea Daggett, 18, and her passengers as Scott Baldwin, 44, and Gre pandora bracelets gory Schiche, 30. The three were arrested on felony charges of importati pandora bracelets on and possession of heroin.

An investigation over the last few weeks gave police reason to believe the vehicle was returning from Connecticut, Baril said. Friday, Baril said.

Inside the car, police discovered 45 unopened bags of heroin and five empty ones, he said.

Each bag had one tenth of a gram of heroin, Baril said. He placed the value of each at between $10 and $15, based on Maine prices. In southern New England, a tenth of a gram goes for between $6 and $10 per bag, he said.
pandora bracelets
Schiche was released Saturday from Franklin County Detention Center on $5,000 unsecured bail and has a court appearance scheduled for June 24.

Daggett was also released Saturday on $3,000 unsecured bail with a court appearance scheduled for June 28.

The case is still under investigation, Baril said. Canadiens’It was rig pandora bracelets ht there and slipped through my hands': Brewer fighter defeated in MMA title bout


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