pandora bracelets 3 Fun Science ExperimentsY

3 Fun Science Experiments

Your kids have been working hard in the classroom all year and so have you. Now it’s time for some real fun! Try these do it yourself science experiments with your kids and watch their minds expand. Who said science isn’t super cool?

Parents, be sure to supervise all experiments. Seal the bag, shake it once, hard, then set it down on a sidewalk or driveway (you may not want to put it on the lawn, since it can leave a small burn mark).

4. Stand back! Within three or four seconds, the bag will quickly fill with bubbles, then burst, sending suds flying.

The science behind it: When the baking soda comes into contact with the vinegar, it causes a chemical reaction, and a bubbly gas called carbon dioxide (the same fizzy substance found in soda) is created as a result. The gas fills pandora bracelets up the bag, causing it to expand and explode.

What to do:

1. Hard boil and peel an egg; set aside.

2 pandora bracelets . Drop two lit matches inside a glass bottle with a long, narrow neck and pandora bracelets an opening just wide enough to keep the egg from falling in (we used a milk bottle).

The science behind it: After the matches burn out, the air inside cools, lowering the pressure there. Because t pandora bracelets he air pressure outside the bottle is now greater, it pushes the egg inside.