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3 Fused Plastic Bag Projects DIY journal covers

When you think about items to recycle or upcycle, plastic grocery bags almost certainly come to mind. There is a trend toward eliminating the for so many of these plastic bags. We have all seen the reusable bags for sale at our local market. Still is a surplus of this material. From our newspaper delivery, our favorite retail shop the take out food we order, plastic bags everywhere.

For a couple of years my sister has been crocheting bags into new bags and purses. Here a couple her creations. It is a tutorial on how to fuse plastic bags. This new information got my creative juices flowing. There are so many possibilities with this “new” material. So far I have made some covers pandora bracelets for hand made journals and some earrings.

Check out these links for some fun and interesting projects that other people have created.

One last tip: All the tutorials I have seen on fusing plastic tell you to turn the bags inside out so you are not ironing the side with the pandora bracelets ink. Unfortunately that is usually the most interesting part of the bag. It will take some experimenting but by pandora bracelets adding a layer of clear plastic to the top of your project you can use the printed pandora bracelets side right side up. Also experiment with heat settings different type of plastic bags melt at different heat settings.