pandora bracelets 3 Gluten Free products for rev

3 Gluten Free products for review

Udi’s granola is pricey, $4.65 for a small bag at Drug Emporium. You could use it for cereal but sprinkled on top of yogurt was the ideal choice for this granola. Remembering the yogurt offered at Community Coffee in Lafayette was an attempt at simulation of their product. However, this product was going to be gluten free. As an aside, the yogurt at CC’s is gluten free without the oats. As CC’s has recently begun to separate the oats from the yogurt, this too is a gluten free product. After testing the granola product, the yogurt was made using grapes as fruit, then yogurt, then the granola sprinkled on top. Delicious and I was very pleased with my simulated product until my pandora bracelets eyes became very itchy about two hours later. This is an allergic type reaction I get when I’m “glutened.” Unbelievably, I che pandora bracelets ck the bag and it says, “wheat free” on the bag, not “gluten free” like I thought it said. The Udi’s website was checked. Though this granola is very delicious, it can’t be recommended to anyone as it’s too expensive even for regular folks and it’s NOT gluten free for Celiacs.

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That could mean for their baked products only. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, it was assumed all Udi’s products are gluten free, not just their breads. Live and learn. We must always be vigilant and looking for that “gluten free” sign, sometimes written in tiny ink, and sometimes the buyer just “assumes” wrongly that a product is gluten free when it is not.

The second product up for review is the Blue Diamond crackers. Written clearly on the box is “gluten free” which is easily seen in t pandora bracelets he picture. Hurrah! The crackers are $1.99. They are reasonably priced, very thin, crunchy, nutty, salty and delicous. This product is highly recommended. Used with soups, dips, snacks and tuna fish.

The last product is the Glutino pretzel sticks. The pretzels are crunchy, delicious, salty with a smooth coating on the outside of the pretzel stick. Extremely addicting, you can’t just eat one and you might just eat the whole bag. At $6.59, they are expensive pandora bracelets but well worth the treat if you can afford to buy it.

In summary, the Blue Diamond crackers are a great buy at $1.99 and the Glutino pretzels are delicious though pricey at $6.59. The Udi’s granola is NOT a gluten free product and cannot be bought. Ever a reminder to be vigilant in looking for the gluten free sign somewhere on the product. Wheat free is NOT gluten free. All products were purchased at Drug Emporium on Bertrand Drive.