pandora bracelets 3 guns found in 1 week at Fult

3 guns found in 1 week at Fulton County courthouse

A Fulton County Sheriff’s Office security specialist monitoring an X ray machine at the courthouse, located at 136 Pryor Street pandora bracelets , noticed a gun in Jordan’s purse, Flanagan said. Inside the bag, deputies found a pink 9 mm Glock in a holster and a 12 round magazine with one bullet in the chamber.Jordan allegedly told deputies she was at the courthouse to show support to a relative who had a court appearance. She later bonded out the same day.Shimeika R. Cargill, 22, of Atlanta, was arrested for allegedly attempting to bring a black and silver, 9 mm Taurus with a 7 round magazine with a bullet loaded into the courthouse, Flanagan said. At the time of her arrest, Cargill was wanted by police in DeKalb County and was later transferred to that county’s jail.Most people who ar pandora bracelets e questioned for bringing weapons to the Fulton courtho pandora bracelets use state that they forgot the weapon was on their person, Flanagan said. Citizens are reminded to be aware of the items in their possession as they travel to the Fulton County c pandora bracelets ourthouse and other locations where weapons are prohibited, Sheriff Ted Jackson said in an emailed statement.Take a breakWant to sound off? Go to The VentSudoku, crossword Find FiveA list of our blogs and latest postingsGA Lottery Results.