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3 habits women secretly wish their partner have

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and thus the duo is often seen trying to bridge the communication gap. Men often complain they wish there was a simple way to decode what goes on in their partner’s mind. If you too have difficulty in understanding your partner then here are three things that every women secretly wants her boyfriend or husband to know.

1) Honesty is the best policy

For all men out there who think they are smarter than women and can fool them anytime, please stop thinking that. Remem pandora bracelets ber, honesty is the most important thing for a woman in pandora bracelets a relationship. All she wants is her partner to be honest with her. Be courageous, go out and admit you fault, because if she catches your lie then you have had it.

2) Be a good listener

Most women complain that their partners don’t pay attention when they are saying something. This habit is a strict no for a healthy bond. Take out ten minutes from your busy schedule, sit with her and just ask how was he pandora bracelets r day. Give her a hug if she is upset or has had a bad day at work. A hug can cheer her up instantly and these ten minutes will never let communication gap hamper your relationship.

3) Stop acting like a baby

Cry pandora bracelets ing, cribbing or acting childish sometimes is acceptable, but doing it every now and then is a not happening. Don’t forget that she is your girlfriend or wife and not your mother. So, be a man, take charge of situations and prove her that she can lean on your shoulders when times are bad.