pandora bracelets 3 held for filing false robber

3 held for filing false robbery case

The accused, Ganesh Jadhav’s accomplices were his colleagues, Amol Dattaram, 20, and Jitendra Bhaskar, 25. The police recovered Rs. 9 lakh from Dattaram, while the remaining Rs. 1 lakh was recovered from Bha pandora bracelets skar.

The police said Jadhav, in his complaint filed on Tuesday, said that on October 4, he was on his way to hand over Rs. 10 lakh given to him by his employer at Khar, to the owner of a marble and tiles shop at Mahalaxmi. Three men intercepted him at the Mahalaxmi station foot overbridge.

He said they caught hold of his collar and took him to a corner of the bridge. “One of them pulled out a revolver from his pocket and held it to my head.”

The me pandora bracelets n threatened to shoot him and told him to hand over the bag containing cash and when he gave it to them, they fled.

The police, however, suspected foul play because the spot where Jadhav claimed the robbery took place is always crowded. Therefore, it was not pandora bracelets possible for the robbers to go unnoticed.

“We did not find any witnesses to pandora bracelets the incident. We then asked Jadhav why he did not raise an alarm. He could not provide a satisfactory answer and we detained him. He confessed that he had made the story up,” said P Gosavi, senior police inspector of Agripada police station.