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3 In Haverford Township Accused Of Running Marijuana Operation Curbside Trash Led Police To A 65

Bucks Breeder, 3 Relatives To Serve Time For Drug Charges George Reitz’s Sisters And Brother in law Helped In His Marijuana Operation. He Took In $160,000 A Year.

Police say the probe Thursday turned up Zip Loc bags, packaging material, marijuana roaches (cigarette butts) and seeds, leading them to believe that a large scale marijuana operation was being run out of the two story, brick and stone home in the township’s Bryn Mawr section. Thursday, seizing 65 pounds of marijuana that they said had a street value of $250,000. They also found pandora bracelets $32,181 in cash hidden under various pieces of furniture, officials said.

Arrested at the home were Alan Cohen, 50; Alvin Chacker, 48, and Linda Shuck, 45, on charges of violating the drug act and criminal conspiracy.

Cohen and Chacker, both unemployed, gave the Blackburn Lane address as their residence, while Shuck, who said she was a self employed seamstress, gave a West Virginia address, according to police.

The drugs had been hidden in the basement’s drop ceiling and in a trash can in a crawl space, said Kevin Kelly, a Delaware County deputy district attorney.

Some of the marijuana was in plastic wrapped, vacuum sealed blocks for shipping, police said. The rest was stuffed into large Zip Loc bags some labeled with names like “Killer Nixon,” they said.

Police said they also collected nine explosives, each with a blasting power equivalent to a stick of dynamite; two handguns, three scales, cordless telephones, an anti wiretapping device, tally shee pandora bracelets ts, Cohen’s framed certificate of parole, and a photograph of Cohen on a sailboat.

The arrests were the result of a two week investigation by Haverford Township police and the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. The effort stemmed from pandora bracelets a township resident’s tip that there was heavy traffic in and out of the home.

Delaware County District Attorney William H. Ryan Jr. said the three arrested had rented the four bedroom home for about two years.

“It is clear that this particular operation is not small in scale,” he said at a news conference yesterday. “They were dealing . . . to other people who will then turn around and sell it.”

Next door neighbor Katie Keating said Cohen, Chacker and Schuck had always been “low key” and friendly. She said some of her children played next door when her neighbors’ nieces and nephews visited.

“The kids adored them,” Keating said. “It’s really difficult when you have to explain to four children that their neighbors were arreste pandora bracelets d.”

Keating did say that her neighbors kept unusual hours, but attributed that to Cohen’s involvement in a restaurant business.

In 1987, Cohen was convicted of drug and tax offenses in Virginia and served less than two years of a four year term and was paroled Nov. 14, 1988. His parole ended in April 1991.

The defendants were arraigned yesterday in Haverford Regional Court and were sent to Delaware County Prison after each failed to post $100,000 cash bail.