pandora bracelets 3 kids 3 and underLooking

3 kids 3 and under

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The diaper bag I carried was on the smaller side and I carried less than 5 diapers (3 kids in different sized diapers at the time lol), small travel case o pandora bracelets f wipes, a couple bottles and that was it. Hands free with little ones is ALWAYS a good idea lol!

I had 3 under 3. never used an actual diaper bag for daily use. or a backpack unless we were going long distance or travelling. I just used a cute tote bag purse. Mine happen to be silver/metallic I got compliments all the time. I happen to get that one at Walmart for like $8 on clearance. but my sister. but mine had a zipper closure/top. 2 snap close pockets on the outside. that were really useful my my stuff. and super fun hip trendy. My 3 year old was potty trained, so I really didn’t need anything in the bag for her. 1 year old just needed a sippy cup, and a change of shorts if he had an accident, and the newborn, well you know all the crap you need for a newborn.

If we were going to be away from the van for a substantial period of time, I loaded up a backpack with a change of clothes for all the kids, a clean shirt for me for baby puke messes, bottles, diapers and all that. Oh, and a mini first aid kit. It never seemed to fail that I would be super busy with all 3 kids, and one of the older 2 would fall down and get a scrape. It was so much easier to just grab a bandaid out of my bag and keep moving.